Legat-Verlag Arms and Armor from Iran


I would like to thank all the following people who have helped and supported me throughout this huge project.  I am really thankful to all of them for their unconditional support.  Without their help, I could have never finished this book.

Astan Gods Razawi, Mashad
Mr. Fazlollah Fazel Neishaburi Senior expert of Calligraphy
Mr. Nuriniya Expert of Calligraphy
Mr. Mashallah Khatib Director of Varzesh Bastani Group
Mr. Mehdi Rohani Receptionsit of Varzesh Bastani Group
Mr. Morteza Namayande Morshed Varzesh Bastani
Mr. Majid Safa Student of Morshed
Mr. Akbar Javaheri Kabade and Sang Specialist

Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Central Office, Tehran
Mr. Masud Nosrati General Director of Iranian Museums
Ms. Maryam Zeinali Assistant to the General Director
Mr. Mostafa Babai Museum Expert and Public Relations
Mr. Hasan Fatahi Museum Expert and Lecturer

Iranian Cultural Heritage News, Tehran
Ms. Sara Omatali Reporter
Ms. Shiraskan Reporter

Military Museums of Iran
Setad Moshtarak Artesh Iran, Tehran
Navy Captain Mr. Naser Falahsharif General Director of Iranian Military Museums
Colonel Mr. Shahab Shadbahr Director

Military Museum Bandar Anzali (Muzeye Mian Poshte Ghazian) in Bandar Anzali
Commander Mr. Aramfar Museum Director
Seaman Mr. Hosseini Museum Guard

Military Museum Shiraz (Afifabad Palace) in Shiraz
Colonel Mr. Safdar Ghasemi Palace Director
Major Mr. Seyed Abbas Sadati Museum Director
Lieutenant Mr. Majid Eskandari Public Relations
Private First Class Mr. Vahid Malekuti Museum Guard

Military Museum Tehran (Saad Abaad Palace)
Major Mr. Bayram Safari Museum Director
Major Mr. Ardeshir Pirkhamushi Museum Translator and Public Relations
Lieutenant Gholamreza Rostamkhani Librarian

Muzeye Reza Abbasi, Tehran
Ms. Batool Ahmadi Head
Ms. Parisa Kord Beigli Keeper

Naderi Museum (Muzeye Naderi) in Mashad
Mr. Adelizadeh Keeper

National Museum of Iran (Muzeye Meli Iran), Tehran
Mr. Mohammad Reza Kargar  Director
Ms. Souri Ayazi   Head Keeper  Historic and Luristan Department
Ms. Zahrah Akbari   Keeper  Historic Department
Mr. Yusef Hasanzadeh  Museum Expert
Mr. Abolgasem Hatemi  Head Keeper, Prehistoric Department
Ms. Anita Hemmatipour  Keeper, Luristan Department
Ms. Mahnaz Gorji   Head, Conversation Department
Ms. Zahra Jafar Mohammadi  Head Keeper, Central Treasury
Mr. Javad Nasiri   Expert and Director of Inventories
Ms. Zohreh Roohfar, Head of Islamic Department
Mr. Shahab Shahiri   Keeper, Islamic Department
Ms. Nasrin Zehtab   Keeper, Prehistoric Department

Pars Museum Shiraz
Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Najafi Curator
Ms. Rostami Museum Specialist

Saad Abad Palace Museums, Tehran
Mr. Mohammad Abdolalipour Director of Saadabad Complex
Ms. Marjan Habibi Public Relations Expert and Photographer
Ms. Mina Khodabaksh Head, Conservation Department
Ms. Sima Mohammadi Curator and Museum Specialst

Doug Mullane (USA) Chief Executive Editor
John Cooksey (USA) Executive Editor
Richard Dellar (UK) Executive Editor
Peter Lyon (New Zealand) Executive Editor
Mumtaz Baber (UK) Technical Editor
Dr. Paul Digard (UK) Technical Editor
Bede Dwyer (Australia) Technical Editor
Steve Hick (USA) Technical Editor
Dan Howard (Australia) Technical Editor
Adam Karpowizc (Canada) Technical Editor
Mahin Khorammi Mashhadi (Iran) Technical Editor
Ariffin Mahidin (UK) Technical Editor
Russell Mitchell (USA) Technical Editor
Assadollah Moshtagh Khorasani (Iran) Technical Editor
Greg Thomas Obach (Canada) Technical Editor
Stephen Selby (Hong Kong) Technical Editor
Julie Dawson (USA) Copy Editor

Legat Publishers
Mr. Alexander Frank Managing Director, Production and Art Direction
Ms. Heike Frank-Ostarhild Managing Director and Production
Mr. Erhard Gass Senior Managing Director
Ms. Petra Kley-Rappoldt Type setting
Ms. Julia Sametzki-Kraus Type setting
Ms. Verena Sewtz Public Relations
Ms. Kinga Wiglusch Type setting, Prepress

I would also like to thank Akaal Arms, Arsenal: the Art of Arms, Ashoka Arts, the auction house Hermann Historica, and Oriental Arms for their help. I would also like to thank Mr. Bashar Alromoh, Dr. David Darom, Mr. David Drawdy, Mr. Haj Hossein Farajian, Mr. Mohammad Reza Farajian, Mr. Antonio Frutuoso de Melo, Mr. Reza Ghahremani (Mananging Director of Iranibook), Dr. Alexander von Hoffmeister, Professor Dr. Andreas Jucker, and Mr. Kurt Kollwig for their support, and all my editors for their unconditional support throughout this project. I would like to thank my parents for their huge support for my book. Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife for her love, unconditional support, and friendship throughout this project.

Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani

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